About The Stream
Why I Stream And What The Rules Are

Stream Concept

Whether you see it or not, there is a concept integrated into my stream. Most streamers will play a few games and that's it. I want to play whatever I want from start to finish. My official streams which are Saturday and Sunday are reserved for a particular game that I will play from beginning to end over several weeks.

As for streams during the week, I call those After Dark Streams. These are streams related to games I am playing in my everyday life. These are the only streams that I will play co op or versus in the game of my choice. These are, also, shorter streams, don't have a webcam feed, and are not archived to YouTube either.

Stream Rules

The rules of my stream are easy to follow. Follow the rules and everything will be Golden!

I speak English and French, if you want to talk to me, either chat in English or French. People speaking in other languages will be muted, continued disrespect will result in a ban.

I decide what games I play. I don't follow trends when it comes to gaming. Gaming is about the pleasure of playing a video game, and I find very little pleasure grinding in a pointless RPG I hate. Don't tell me what to play, you will be muted or banned.

Don't backseat game. I don't need your help. I've been playing videos longer than most people watching me have been alive. If I want suggestions, I will ask for it. Back seat gaming is disrespectful and will result in being muted or banned.

Don't be disrespectful of me or other viewers. Being a Canadian, I am polite, but we, also, don't appreciate pricks. If you have nothing good to say, just shut up. Disrespecting anyone is an immediate ban.

I love lurkers, that being said, people who hate lurkers can stay off my stream. If you try to harass anyone lurking in my stream, you will be banned. Lurkers are the best of all worlds. They don't backseat game, they don't disrespect people, if anything they are there for the same reason as I play games, for the fun of gaming.

I don't ask for tips, that being said, I am grateful for any tips anyone gives me. I'd like to thank you in advance. That being said, because the benefit of giving a tip to a streamer is to be acknowledged, and my stream acknowledges everyone who tips me, provided you use the correct link, there are no refunds of any kind.

Stream Schedule

Official Streams

Official Streams are about a specific game streamed in a series made available on YouTube.

Saturday - Midnight to 2AM+ EST
Sunday - Midnight to 2AM+ EST

After Dark Streams

These streams are unrestricted, any game, no webcam, just the game! These will start soon!

Monday - TBD
Tuesday - TBD
Wednesday - TBD
Thursday - TBD
Friday - TBD

Support my Stream

You are not required to do so, I stream my own game play because it gives me a reason to play and interact with some people. However, that being said, if you want to help me out, I won't say no, just thank you! To give to my stream publicly do so during the stream, hours posted above. And you can do it by following the link below!

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